Dirty Boys are Happy Boys (5 things they’ve taught me)

Cooper's Pudding FingersCooper's Pudding GrinCooper's Pudding Laugh

My husband says I’m a control freak.  He ought to know, right?

Control is something I’ve struggled with my whole life.  I was the bossy big sister.  The girl in class no one wanted to work with because I took over every project.  (My ideas were the best…Duh.)  I didn’t think I was perfect, just a step ahead.  I thought I had a better way to do absolutely everything, which is ridiculous, because I was eight and had no idea what I was talking about.

Things got better as I grew older.  I found my love of people-watching, I enjoyed hearing opinions and ideas totally different from mine, I joined my High School theatre arts group – all of these things helped me mature and branch out as a person.  But I still thought, deep down in my heart of hearts, that I knew what I was doing. And that I was right.

These boys of mine have flipped my universe.  And I mean all of them, my crazy husband included.  I’ve always known that I need to let go a little…but THESE guys? Really?  My life now is much less about control, and much more about simple survival!  And it is also overflowing with double-dimple toothy grins and deep belly laughs.

Suazo Family Truths:

  • The best way to eat chocolate pudding is to spread it all over my face, then on every horizontal surface within arm’s reach.
  • Going on errands in costume is fantastic!
  • Old campfire ashes make amazing body paints.
  • Living Room racetrack enjoyment is directly proportional to the number of people involved. (More friends = More Fun!)
  • Popsicles always taste better outside in the dirt.  Really.

the Incredible Spiderman spotted at WalmartCampfire Ash Body Paint for Beginners

Every time I look at these pictures of my dirty, itching-to-be-washed boys, I’m reminded of how happy they truly are.  And that, sometimes, free exploration and experimentation really are the best “systems” in which they learn and grow.

It’s so important to me to capture these once in a lifetime moments…they’re precious. Vital to my mental health and stability, even.

Don’t miss out on yours.

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